With Lost Coast Tattoo, we care about our clients’well-being just as much after their tattoo, and that’s why we want to share our aftercare recommend ations with you. There are specific processes involved with the healing of a tattoo, and knowing how to manage them can spell the difference between a successful recovery, and unwanted side effects occurring.

Our Process

Step One

When you get home, grab a clean towel, run it under warm water and wipe the tattooed area until it’s clean. We stock a range of after-tattoo ointments that you can apply to reduce any sensations, so feel free to ask.

Step two

Don’t pick any scabs that might form! Your tattoo will take between 7 and 14 days to heal properly, and during this time your skin might appear flaky. Don’t pull at the flakes – just let nature take its course for the best results.

Step Three

As soon as your skin stops flaking you can hold off on applying your ointment. Leave at least another couple of weeks for the shininess of your tattoo to fade, and after this point you’ll be good to go!